Jennifer Rauch
P u r v e y o r o f F i n e E r u d i t i o n i n J o u r n a l i s m , C o m m u n i c a t i o n & C u l t u r e
Live recording of Team Human podcast with Douglas Rushkoff (l) and Blaed Spence (r) in Portland, Oregon, February 2019.

I am frequently interviewed about journalism and media-related topics for articles, podcasts, webcasts and radio. Some recent media appearances and book reviews include:

  • The Politics Guys. “Why Slow Media is Satisfying, Sustainable and Smart,” podcast interview with Michael Baranowski | link
  • Slow Media named a finalist for the Marshall McLuhan Book Award, June 2019 | link
  • Slow Media awarded a Silver Nautilus Book Award, May 2019 | link
  • Works & Conversation. “A Conversation with Jennifer Rauch: Slow Media” | link
  • Delayed Gratification (U.K.). “Why Slow is Satisfying, Sustainable and Smart” | link
  • The New Yorker. “The Urgent Quest for Slower, Better News”| link
  • Journal of Communication. “Book Review: Slow Media” | link
  • Team Human. “Beyond the Screen: Slow Media,” podcast interview with Douglas Rushkoff. Segment starts @ 39m | link
  • Thrive Global. “The Pleasures of Digital Denial” | link
  • Idler magazine (U.K.). “Book of the Week: Slow Media” | link
  • Slow Words (Italy). “Jennifer Rauch, Slow Journalist” | link
  • Planet Mundus (Denmark). “Why We Need More Slow News” | link
  • Les Cles de La Presse (France). “Tendency #3: The Need to Take One’s Time” | link
  • The Daily Beast. “The Slow Web Movement Will Save Our Brains”| link
  • WNYC/National Public Radio. “Using Tech to Slow Down Our Lives,” New Tech City
  • HuffPost Live. “Put Your Phone Down! Is Social Media Ruining Us?” Segment starts @ 3’15m | link
  • Mashable. “National Day of Unplugging Wants You to Unplug for 24 Hours” | link
  • Future Tense (Australia). “The Slow Movement,” Radio National/Australian Broadcasting Corp. | link
  • La Presse of Montreal (Canada). “Slow Media: One Medium at a Time”
  • ZDF/Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (Germany). “The Discovery of Digital Slowness”
  • National Public Radio. “A Slow Media Movement,” Marketplace/American Public Media | link