Jennifer Rauch
P u r v e y o r o f F i n e E r u d i t i o n i n J o u r n a l i s m , C o m m u n i c a t i o n & C u l t u r e

Slow Media: Why Slow is Satisfying, Sustainable and Smart. 

Oxford University Press, 2018. Available from all the usual booksellers.


Public Writing

  • “The Pleasures of Digital Denial,” Thrive Global | link
  • “Five Reasons to Kick Smartphones out of School,” with audio narration, Medium | link
  • “Why I Heart Slow Media (and So Can You),” with audio narration, Medium | link
  • “How Disconnecting from Digital Pressures Can Boost Learning,” OUPblog | link
  • “Suitably Slow: My Nine-Year Path to Slow Media,” Slow Media blog | link
  • “Living Offline: Artifacts of Life Before the Smartphone,” with audio narration, Medium | link

Academic Writing

Please see Academia for abstracts and full text.

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