Jennifer Rauch
P u r v e y o r o f F i n e E r u d i t i o n i n J o u r n a l i s m , C o m m u n i c a t i o n & C u l t u r e
McLuhan Salon on Slow Media at the University of Toronto, June 2019. (Photo courtesy of Anahí Lovato.)

I regularly speak at universities, symposia, festivals and conferences related to journalism, media and communication. Here’s a select list of recent public events, book talks and research presentations:

  • “Why People Don’t Trust Mainstream Journalism and Prefer Alternative Media,” Faculty Lecture Series, Linfield University, McMinnville, Oregon | link to video
  • “Slow News Lessons for Fast Journalists,” ACES: The Society for Editing, San Antonio, Texas
  • “Silicone Campfire: Slow Media,” McLuhan Seminar in Creativity & Technology, University of Toronto, Canada
  • “Re-Imagining Luddism: Heroes and Villains, Cranks and Converts,” Colloquium on Media Studies, Capitalism and Social Justice, CUNY Queens College, Flushing, New York
  • “Slow Journalism: Recent Developments, Future Prospects,” Congress on Slow Journalism, Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy
  • “Global Village Day 2021,” The McLuhan Institute, Unversity of Toronto, Canada — link to video (starts at 1h01m)
  • “Resisting the News,” Digital Journalism Research Group, Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet), Norway
  • “Activists as Receivers, not Producers: Cultural Approaches to Alternative and Mainstream Media Use.” What is Information” conference, University of Oregon, Portland, Oregon
  • “Book talk: Slow Media.” International Journalism Festival, Perugia, Italy — link to video
  • “Eco-Media Literacy: A Green Reboot for Media Education.” Conference on Communication and the Environment, International Environmental Communication Association, Leicester, England

Please see my full CV at Academia for a complete list of  speaking engagements and media appearances, as well as related information about my scholarly research, professional and teaching activities.